3D Printer DX-01


The DX-01 printer by BadDevices is a 3Dprinter (FDM) with a single extruder able to print with high quality different kind of filaments available on the market, this because its all-metal extruder that can reach temperatures like 295°C and its heated print surface.
Thanks to the extruders entirely made of metal that can reach 295 °C.

The print surface (5 mm thickness glass) is fixed by holders that keep it in the right position but they also allow an easy and fast removement that reduce preparing and removing timings.

DX-01 is supplied with standard 0.4 mm nozzle, but it can be equipped with different extruders (available as accessories and quickly replaceable thanks to a quick-connection system) with nozzles from 0.25 mm up to 0.8 mm for different uses, from small precision prints to large objects.

The improvements of the filament industry have bring on the market also "loaded" filaments with different materials like wood, glass fiber, carbon fiber... as answer to the request from different application areas.
DX-01 is able to print those kind of materials thanks to hardened nozzles.
(some filament or loaded filament are very abrasive, so special nozzles are needed)

The printer, using industrial grade linear guides on all axes (X, Y and also Z), together with a solid welded and powder painted steel frame, is able to obtain a very high positioning accuracy; this, combined with the excellent extruder, allow a remarkable pieces finishing for the standard of the FDM machines with a vertical resolution up to 50 microns.
The machine can work independently thanks to the presence of Graphic LCD and SD card for an easy management.

DX-01 key strenght is its direct filament pushing method in the extrusion chamber,
indeed, unlike BadPrinter2 which uses a bowden system, DX-01 equip a direct pushing system directly mounted over the extruder.
For this reason printing elastic filaments (TPU) become so easy as printing PLA at the same speeds.

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